Offer of heat treatment

Heat treatment of structural elements or multipurpose tool steels in furnaces with protective atmosphere

  • Max. weight of batch : 400 kg
  • Active capacity of furnace : 900mm x 1200mm x 450 mm
  • Technological possibilities: case-hardening, carbonitriding and quenching in a gaseous atmosphere, low and high temperature annealing in a protective atmosphere, martempering

Vacuum hardening

  • Of all tool steels in the temperature range up to 1320 ° C
  • Max. weight of batch: 400 kg

Hardening in the temperature range 700 – 1000 ° C

  • Working dimensions of diameter 800 mm, v = 1850 mm
  • Approximate max. weight of batch: 1200 kg including a hanger

Annealing in the temperature range up to 1100 ° C

  • Max. weight of batch: 3000 kg

Low-temperature annealing

High-temperature annealing

High-frequency and medium-frequency hardening

  • Mainly used for surface hardening of rotating parts with shaft shape